linuX-gamers.net: Xorg X11 Server Release 6.8

“The new XOrg X11 server is due out on August 25th and with it
comes some new, exciting features and improvements to old ones. I
will describe some of these features, changes and more in this

“With all the XFree86 dust settling and X.Org emerging as the
new kingpin of X11 servers, this release might be what it needs to
push it into the spotlight. With a large development team and
promising new features, the possibilities seem huge (dare I say
even limitless?). Among these new features, probably the biggest
one is support for translucency. This beautiful new feature makes
the open source desktop look better than it has ever been! Here is
just a teaser. You can find loads more screenshots on their release
screenshots page. You also might notice the snazzy new drop
shadows, yet another piece of eye candy adding to the already-large

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