Linux Gazette: Creating A Linux Certification Program, Part 7

“One year ago, in the October 1998 Linux Gazette, there appeared
a brief article laying out the reasons why I felt a professional
certification program would benefit Linux. It concluded with
several questions and asked how I could join in the discussion:

“If you agree that a certification program can be
beneficial for the growth of Linux, how do we as a community go
about addressing the points I made above about creating a
certification program? Do we create another mailing-list or
newsgroup? (Does such a group or list already exist? If so, I have
so far failed to find it.) Do we meet at a conference? …

…I don’t necessarily have the answers – but I would like to
participate in the discussion. If someone can suggest the
appropriate forum in which this discussion should take place (or is
currently taking place!), please let me know.”

I had absolutely no idea that this article would lead down
the paths that it did! Looking back, I think my reasons still
stand, but certainly my own thinking has evolved on how a program
is structured as we all have discussed and strategized.
been an interesting journey! And one I never would have