Linux Gazette: Teaching web site construction with Linux

This article is mainly for teachers who wish to do some web
site construction, though it may be of some interest to others. It
is based on my personal experience these last four years. Each year
I end up doing things in a different way, and this is intended as a
summary of actual practice….

“The first factor is: “Do we want to produce something (i.e. a
real web site) as a conclusion to our project?” The answer to this
is almost always yes. Then, we must see where we will have it.
Shall the web site be on a local network (intranet), or must it go
global (internet)? Shall it start life locally (eg. for development
and testing) — and hope to go global later on (when complete)? If
this is so, special care must be taken to use the same kind of
server on both….”

“So this is where Linux steps in. The Apache server works in
exactly the same fashion on your local 486 Linux box and on your
ISP’s Sun/Solaris. So you have a fair certainty that if it works
for you, it will also work on the Web. This point is particularly
important when teaching kids: if what they do doesn’t work because
they messed up, that’s OK….”