linux.ie: Networking Tutorial: Do your own thing – how to cable your own house

[ Thanks to Ken Guest
for this link. ]

A few times recently people have posted questions to the
ILUG list asking how to go about wiring their house for data. I did
this last year and decided it would be a good idea to let people
know how easy it actually is.

“First things first – I would recommed going for 10Base-T (4
pairs of cable, like phone cable) rather than 10Base-2 (co-ax, like
the TV) unless there are only two or three points which need to be
connected. 10Base-T has the advantage that it can be used for
phone, data, and anything else which might come along in the
relatively near future.”

“Second things second – this will be messy. It involves drilling
big holes in walls and stuff like that. Holes that will need to be
plastered around and repainted or otherwise made good. The best
time to do this kind of thing is when the house is being built or
about to be rewired.”