Linux Journal, April Issue

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The April 1999 issue of Linux Journal (#60) will be mailed from the
printers in Waseca, Minnesota on March 12, 1999.

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                              LINUX JOURNAL

                              April 1999

     * Using Linux with Network Computers by Brian Vincent
       Configuring Linux as a boot server for Neoware network computers.
     * Network Administration with AWK by Juergen Kahrs
       AWK scripting is the easy way to access network services.
     * Corel's NetWinder by Marcel Gagne
       A review of this networking computer from Canada.
     * FlowNet: An Inexpensive High-Performance Network by Erann Gat and
       Mike Ciholas
       A look at state-of-the-art network hardware and protocols.

    News & Articles

     * Linux Certification for the Professional by P. Tobin Maginnis
     * Blender by Ben Crowder
     * Linux Training by Scott Schad
     * LJ Interviews John Ousterhout by Marjorie Richardson


     * Product Reviews
          + Arkeia by Charles Curley
          + Xi Graphics MaXimum cde/OS 1.2.3, Executive Edition by Jeff
          + Conix 3-D Explorer by Michael J. Hammel
     * Book Reviews
          + Linux For Dummies Quick Reference 2nd Edition by Harvey
          + Perl Cookbook by James Lee


     * Linux Apprentice: Windows/Linux Dual Boot by Vince Veselosky
     * Take Command: grep: Searching for Words by Jan Rooijackers
     * Take Command: Good Ol' sed by Hans de Vreught
     * Kernel Korner: Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console by Joseph
     * At the Forge: Writing Modules for mod_perl by Reuven M. Lerner


     * Letters to the Editor
     * From the Editor: Network Computing by Marjorie Richardson
     * From the Publisher: A Look to the Future by Phil Hughes
     * Best of Technical Support
     * New Products
          + Cyclades-PR4000, Cyclades Corp.
          + PerlDirect, ActiveState Tool Corp.
          + ICS, BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc.
          + Linux Network Server Package, CTiTEK
          + CSM Proxy Plus for Linux Version 4.1, CSM-USA, Inc.
          + Empress REBMS v8.10, Empress Software
          + M-Cluster, Alta Technology Corp.
          + LynxArray and LynxNSS, Artecon
          + GO-Global, GO-Between, G0-Joe, GraphOn Corp.
          + Linux Main Memory Database Benchmark, Polyhedra, Inc.
          + Magnate Internet Store, ParaSoft Corp.
          + LinuxCare, LinuxCare, Inc.
     * Advertisers Index
     * Linux Consultants HOWTO

    Strictly On-line

     * DECnet Network Protocol by Steve Whitehouse and Patrick Caulfield
     * The Xxl Spreadsheet Project by Vincent Granet
     * Network Programming with Perl by James Lee
     * Linux in Enterprise Network Management by Leo Lahteenmaki
     * Alphabet Soup: The Internationalization of Linux, Part 2 by
       Stephen Turnbull

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