Linux Journal: Book Review: Data and Telecommunications: Systems and Applications

“I have been looking for a book like this for a long time. While
TCP/IP, Internet routing and Ethernet are well-covered topics, the
telcommunications network that connects the Internet to other data
networks, public and private, and to individual organizations and
networks is often overlooked. “

“Billed as an in-depth discussion of data communications
presented in a way that is “understandable for students who have a
limited mathematical background”, Data and Telecommunications
covers concepts behind analog and digital communications and the
way they have been applied to telecommunications systems and data
networks. Thurwachter begins with a concise introduction to the
topic, after which he covers electromagnetic signals, metallic
(copper) and optical (fiber) media and antennas. These chapters,
like most of the book, take a fairly academic approach to their
topics. Because of this, I think a lot of you will find the book a
bit inaccessible.”

“The book finishes with a brief discussion of networking
protocols, but like earlier chapters, this topic is covered more
thoroughly and with better clarity in other texts. While there
is some good information in Data and Telecommunications, it’s hard
to find it in the middle of a book meant for students. Because of
its hefty price, this book probably won’t make a good addition to
home libraries.
But since it does contain some useful,
hard-to-find information, I’d recommend buying a copy for the
office and passing it around.”


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