Linux Journal: Book Review: Linux Administration Handbook

“If you are familiar with the Unix System Administration
Handbook, you already are familiar with the subjects this new book
is addressing. Much like Linux being a re-implementation of UNIX,
this book is a re-implementation of the Unix SA Handbook. But,
things get better.

“So many of the available books about Linux are either too
generic to be of much use for doing serious systems administration
or so specific that they are useful only for one version of one
Linux distribution. This book is an exception. First, it is heavy
on concept, so you actually learn how things work instead of
learning how to be a technician. The specifics are then addressed
by showing what you do on Red Hat 7.2, SuSE 7.3 and Debian 3.0.

“The scope of the book does not stop at what is inside a Linux
box. Don’t be surprised when you start reading what various routing
protocols are, what the different Ethernet cable colors are
supposed to mean or how to configure a Cisco router. This book
tells you how to administer a company that has Linux systems, not
just how to administer Linux systems…”


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