Linux Journal: DVD Fun

“Gonzo hacker Don Marti is at it again. Last time it was
Burn All Gifs Day. This time it’s The Great International DVD
Source Code Distribution Contest.”

“To put this in context, – the DVD CAA (the less familiar
acronym stands for Copy Control Association) – recently sought a
restraining order against seventy-two hackers and Web site authors
for allegedly disseminating confidential information about the
content scrambling system that has – up until the point that some
hackers cleverly reverse engineered it – prevented copying of DVD
content. Slashdot, of course, was among those named in the suit,
since it serves as the hottest hub for conversation around the

“Yesterday, thanks in large part from the Electronic Frontier
Foundation, the defendants won. Santa Clara County Judge William J.
Elfring rejected the restraining order.”

“But sometimes victory is not enough. Sometimes you need
something a little more gonzo than a simple judicial decision.
Especially when the fight is far from over. Remember that the CCA’s
middle name is control. They still want it. They still have money.
They still don’t know what they’re dealing with here.”