Linux Journal: Linux as an OPI Server for the Graphic Arts Industry

Thanks to BR for this

“A printing company finds that Linux servers speed up their
pre-press work.

“Recent testing of high-performance file-sharing tools for the
Graphic Arts industry has shown Linux to be the top performer. We
tested Linux against the Macintosh OS X Server, the Sun Solaris and
the Windows NT server. Linux came out on top, yielding a blazing
average of 8800KB/sec throughput over 100Base-T Ethernet. We have
been using an NT server in this role for two years, but it has been
stumbling under the load placed on it in the last year. Now, we
restart the server each day in order to avoid hanging the print
services. “

“At this point in our testing, Linux is “King of the LAN” and
is looking like an excellent choice for file and print servers in a
graphic arts firm.”