Linux Journal: Linux Office Suites

One of the things that will help define Linux on the
desktop is the availability of quality office suites. These are, in
fact, the way many computer users (who aren’t geeks, of course)
became computer users in the first place.
If you are wondering
whether you are one of these oft-mentioned, occasionally derided
“end users”, the office suite is as good a litmus test as any. It
wouldn’t be going too far to say that office suites helped put the
“personal” in personal computing….”

“Does the emergence of Linux mean any major changes in the
traditional office suite? For one, the role of networking (and
Linux’s native networkability) means that office suites based on
the Linux operating system are especially likely to be shared by a
number of users. Second, Linux office suites tend to come with the
sort of tools that are rarely, if ever, found on other office
suites. Application development tools, for example, often find
themselves bundled along with Linux operating systems and office