Linux Journal: Linux Review: Red Hat 7.2

“One of the few problems I’ve noticed with up2date
occurs if you install third-party replacements for system pieces,
such as Ximian Gnome. In such instances, the update utility will
report that you have packages to upgrade even when this is not the
case. In many of these situations, the Red Hat package is actually
a downgrade, since the Red Hat packages are often one or more
revisions older than the currently installed packages.
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to tell the update utility
that you wish to treat those specific packages as newer than the
ones provided by Red Hat. In order to make sure they are not
downgraded, you must not select these packages during the update
process. Due to this issue, if you customize system pieces with
third-party replacements, I recommend leaving the automatic update
feature turned off.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Red Hat 7.2. Admittedly,
part of this is the fact that I have been a fan of Red Hat and
their distributions for a while. This distribution shows that Red
Hat continues to improve and streamline their offerings. Apart from
my bias, however, it installs cleanly, comes up without any
problems, and it simply works. It offers sufficient options that
bringing everything I need up and getting it running is possible to
do quickly.

I can comfortably recommend Red Hat 7.2 for anyone. To the new
person just trying Linux for the first time, it offers a smooth and
hassle free installation process. The new user should be up and
running in a minimal amount of time with sensible defaults and
automatic detection of hardware. For the person of moderate
familiarity, it offers choices and options which allows them the
customization they might wish while at the same time helping them
around hurdles that may arise. Finally, for the experienced user,
it offers a robust system and tested packages, as well as allowing
them to take complete control of the process when desired or


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