Linux Journal: OOo Off the Wall: Macros and Add-ons

“One of the features that makes the Open Source community so
stimulating is its members are not passive consumers of software,
but active participants in its direction. OpenOffice.org is no
exception. Although slow to develop this attitude–possibly because
of the sheer size of the project–in the last year, the
OpenOffice.org community has started having an effect on the
development of the office suite.

“True, basic development still is dependent heavily on employees
of Sun Microsystems–too dependent, some might say. However,
volunteers are coming into their own now with both macros and
add-ons. Macros are scripts written in OOoBasic that run from
documents, while add-ons are functions integrated directly into an
OpenOffice.org installation, often using another programming
language, such as Python…”


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