Linux Journal: OpenOffice Off-the-Wall: Bullet Proof Templates

“‘Where are my custom formats? I spent hours getting them right.
Now, when I open a new document, they’re gone.’

“This panicked cry, or ones similar to it, are posted almost
daily to the OpenOffice.org User’s List. Half the time, the problem
is senders have not heard of templates. The other half of the time,
the senders are expecting templates to behave the same in
OpenOffice.org as they do in other office suites–they don’t.In
both cases, the solution is to learn how OOo templates behave so
you can work with them instead of against them. Some template
behaviors in OOo may seem quirky, and at least one of them is a
bug, but all of them are worth knowing. Once you do know them, you
should find that the way OOo handles templates reduces the chances
of problems and conflicts and makes documents more portable…”


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