Linux Journal: Product Review — Red Hat 6.0

“Red Hat Linux 6.0 is Red Hat’s latest distribution, and it
has improved noticeably since the days of version 5.”

“A large part of the improvement Red Hat made from 5.2 to 6.0
comes from the technical changes in the various programs which make
up the distribution. The core of the improvement is the 2.2 kernel
(2.2.5-15 to be exact), which supports more hardware and file
systems and is even better at networking than previous Linux
kernels. It also has better SMP support and countless other

“Security is an ever-present problem with network computers, and
in this distribution, root access via TELNET has been removed and
the X screen automatically locks when the screen saver comes on.
Also, passwords are shadowed and, optionally, use MD5

“Included in Red Hat Linux 6.0 and Red Hat EXTRA is an
application CD with over 50 Linux applications…”

“Red Hat stepped up the efforts to provide support to registered
users of Official Red Hat Linux 6.0. This may partially explain the
rather high price of $79.95 for a collection of mostly free