Linux Journal: SCO’s Slow Boat to Linux

Almost a year ago, SCO CEO Michels pooh-poohed the “punk
young kids” of Linux. Today, the Santa Cruz Operation is tacking a
serious course Tuxward.

“In an interview with Computerworld’s Joseph Maglitta in April
of 1999, president and CEO of the Santa Cruz Operation Doug Michels
lamented the fact that, while his company had been considered a
UNIX trailblazer by many, the arrival of the Linux Phenomenon has,
at times, seemed to relegate SCO to the status of old, gray

“Our thinking (about Linux) has developed and changed over the
last 12 months,” said Mike Orr, senior vice president of worldwide
marketing. “A number of factors encouraged that development,
including the increased customer interest in Linux as an
alternative to Windows NT, the level of ISV commitment to Linux
ports, our increased focus on serverware–products like Tarantella
that run on a wide range of operating systems, and increased usage
and familiarity with Linux among SCO personnel.”