Linux Journal: The Long View on Linux, Part 1

Part one of Doc Searls’ talk with the father of Linux
Journal, Phil Hughes, about UNIX, GUI computing and the joys of an
(almost) purely Linux publishing house.

“In ’94, when the 1.0 kernel came out, so did Linux Journal. I
was amazed to see how steadily it grew, and how (as usual) Phil
seemed to be right about Linux’s inevitable triumph in the
marketplace. Even though it was free, business would find it more
useful than most of the costly stuff it competed with, he said,
just like it did with the Net. And, as with the Net, commercial
development was inevitable.”

“In early ’99, Phil showed me Star Office running on a Linux
laptop with KDE. It looked like such a Windows-killer that the
possibilities blew my mind. Then he asked me to join Linux Journal
to expand coverage of business issues, so I did. (This was right
around the same time as I started co-writing The Cluetrain
Manifesto, which was kind of a double-whammy career move for


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