Linux Kernel 3.1 Released, Adds Support for NFC Chips

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“Yes! After ten release candidates, Linus Torvalds marked a few
minutes ago (October 24th) the Linux kernel 3.1 sources as
final/stable and ready for immediate download.

“Among the new features included in Linux kernel 3.1 we can
mention OpenRISC opensource CPU support, various slab allocator
improvements, writeback throttling improvements, new iSCSI
implementation, Near-Field Communication chips support and Wii
Controller support.

“Linux kernel 3.1 provides better power management via the new
cpupowerutils userspace utility, the EXT3 filesystem gets the
filesystem barriers enabled by default, and lots of drivers were
added and updated.

“While there’s no official announcement from Linus Torvalds, we
can tell you that the new Linux kernel 3.1 brings improvements for
the Intel Ivy Bridge chips, support for Cedar Trail, GMA500
enhancements, and much more.”

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