Linux Kernels 4.8.15 and 4.4.39 LTS Are Out with PowerPC and SPARC Improvements

Arriving only five days after the previous point releases, namely Linux kernel 4.4.38 LTS and 4.8.14, the new maintenance updates bring various improvements and bug fixes across most of the components. However, they appear to be quite small, as Linux kernel 4.8.15 changes a total of 37 files, with 240 insertions and 139 deletions, and only 20 files have been changed in Linux kernel 4.4.39 LTS, with 129 insertions and 59 deletions. Linux kernels 4.8.15 and 4.4.39 LTS are here to introduces a bunch of architecture updates, for PowerPC (PPC), SPARC, ARM64, x86, PA-RISC, and m68k, improve the ACPI, SCSI, crypto, DAX, and NVDIMM device drivers, add a couple of fixes to the Ceph and FUSE filesystems, as well as to updated the networking stack with B.A.T.M.A.N. Advanced and CAN changes.