Linux Knowledge Base Project Weekly News #4

[ Thanks to Jason
for this report. ]

There was a flurry of activity this past week as we approach
the Alpha go-live of LinuxKB.
The activity will continue to
ramp up over the next two weeks as we have decided Feb. 1 will mark
the opening of our doors whether we are ready or not. If things go
as planned, a functional opening will occur before then.

In a continued effort to ease the transition for new developers,
the Developer Tarball was updated with bug fixes and new features
thanks to Aaron.

A great deal of time was spent talking to the OSWG, LDP, OSRT, and other Linux/Open
Source documentation projects in an attempt to forge lines of
communication or cooperation. There are tremendous advantages to
compatibility between content and the structures that organize that

We think we finally figured out the enormous task of getting large
amounts of mirrored content organized properly in the DB thanks to
Aaron’s brainstorming sessions. Thanks Aaron!

More work was put into revamping our developer’s documentation site
along with some logo changes, etc.

I’ve been quiet for a while because my nose has been buried in
code, but this week will mark the final (pre-live) commit of the
core object/function code that allows our developers to develop
this site much easier than would be otherwise possible. Many
exciting things will follow this commit and I’ll finally be able to
start working on NOTICABLE things :). This commit will finally
allow developers to easily work with users, manipulate object
locations in our Org. Tree, and a wide range of other things
previously difficult at best.

In other news, The Linux Knowledge Base project was invited to the
LinuxWorld Expo in New
York City thanks to SEUL. You may
see Dan there so keep
your eyes peeled. Thanks SEUL!

Lastly, The First LinuxKB Developers Conference will be held this
Sunday (1-16-00) at The
offices in York, PA. It’ll server as a working,
discussion, and learning session for developers and we’ll post all
notes and outcomes here for everyone to see. Thanks again go to The
Networks for giving us the space.

Note: This and other articles can be found online at: http://www.linuxkb.org/news/.