Linux Knowledge Base Weekly News #5

[ Thanks to Aaron
for this report. ]

The big news for this week is that thanks to a generous
offer by Mandrake, we’re
going to Linux World
February 2nd thru the 4th.
So be sure to stop on by the
Mandrake booth, check out the site, and talk to Daniel, Jason, and
me! We’ll be not only showing off the Linux KB, but talking about
the SEUL Project as well.

This week a lot has been going on, so I’ll only touch on the

  • The east coast developers had their first of many Linux KB
    Developer Conference’s over the weekend. While Jason took a lot of
    time teaching the other developers how to use the PHP objects in
    their code, they also spent time discussing page design
    enhancements and overall site design flow. In the future, we plan
    on having a video conference link between the two coasts so more
    developers can attend.
  • Jason commited to CVS the final updates to the PHP objects
    which the entire site uses.
  • Jason also did another DB schema update to support a new table
    to maintain security permissions for users.
  • Aaron committed about 600 lines of commented code for the new
    article/category management system.
  • Aaron released a new developer workstation image to take
    advantage of Jason’s new site security system, replacing mod_perl
    with PHP for site authentication.
  • Daniel continued his work on the article submission forms.
    Sounds like he’s making great progress and that everything should
    be in place in time for our Feb. 1st go-live.
  • Wade continues to be our primary voice on the newly formed Open
    Document Environment (ODE) list. Everyone here is really excited
    about the potential of this group.