Linux Magazine: Comanche Helps Apache Serve

[ Thanks to Robert
for this link. ]

“For those of us who are not Apache experts but are aching to
run our own Webservers, relief is finally at hand! Or at least, it
appears to be under development. At long last there is a graphical
front end for configuring and administering Apache — the Comanche
project. Comanche is primarily written in Tcl, and makes heavy use
of XML. It is extensible, and according to the documentation can
accept plugins written in a variety of different languages. The
project is being sponsored by Covalent Technologies and is
distributed under the Apache license.”

Comanche was born out of a desire to find a shortcut for
configuring Apache. Unfortunately, unless you already know a decent
amount about Apache, setting up Comanche is almost as intimidating
as setting up Apache was before.

“Comanche’s installation process is a bit complicated for
newbies, requiring the user to set and configure various PATH names
and such. If these are not set correctly, Comanche will not
recognize your httpd server. To make matters worse, Comanche
doesn’t have any option to undo the configuration once you’ve
entered it. The only way we could figure how to do this was to
delete and re-install Comanche. Not the most convenient way to go
about things, to say the least.”