Linux Mall: Tux the Plush Linux Penguin

   Linux Mall Announcement:
Tux the Plush Linux Penguin
   Date: 12/14/1998

At last — a cuddly, stuffed toy penguin who truly resembles
Larry Ewing’s adorable Tux! We searched and searched, and finally
had him custom-made to match the unique, loveable character who
symbolizes Linux.

Plush Tux is great for Linux Lovers, Girlfriends, Boyfriends,
Mothers, or your favorite Child; Tux is child-safe and comes in
three adorable sizes (so far):

Tux the 10-Inch Plush Linux
Only $19.95!

A huggable pal to have around,
or a great bed partner.

Tux the 6-Inch Plush Linux Penguin: Only

Super for adorning & standing guard on a computer

Tux the 4-Inch Beenie Linux Penguin: Only

with his string for hanging, 4 inch Tux makes
a great Christmas ornament!
A friend to hang around in your car,
or he can just be a cuddly pocket pal.

Also see http://www.PenguinPower.com for
neat anecdotes, information, and more PenguinPower products

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