Linux Mint Fail

[ Thanks to Doug
for this link. ]

“I finally became fed up with this one little
idiosyncrasy that my KDE-based home entertainment center kept
exhibiting — it would not let me specify VLC as the action handler
when I inserted a DVD in the drive. Instead, it was most insistent
that I use the KDE default DragonPlayer, which had somehow gotten
confused about where the drive was and could no longer start the
DVD. That was all it took for me decide to to take the time to
rebuild the home entertainment system last weekend. You may recall
from a previous article, I discovered Linux Mint 9 not too long
ago, and really liked it.

“So I got out the Linux Mint AMD_64 flash drive and started to
boot the system off of it. This should only take about 20 minutes,
I said to myself.

“Three hours later I gave up and instead installed Ubuntu 10.04
Netbook Edition.”