Linux Mint: The new Ubuntu?

[ Thanks to Ranjith
for this link. ]

“Unity has caused an uproar in the Linux community. What’s
worse, by all appearances it has caused a defection of users in
droves to distros like Linux Mint, now the second most popular
Debian-based distribution out there and gaining fast on Ubuntu. If
you follow my Linux travels, back in September I talked a bit about
Unity and its effect on Ubuntu’s user base. The article had well
over 100 comments, most lambasting Unity and Canonical’s choice to
force it upon its users.

“So, what’s happened in two months? In a word: Unity. I stated
back in September that I had the feeling that Unity on the desktop
was causing me to be a more lazy user as far as Linux was
concerned, and I was right. Ubuntu took away most of the
customization controls Linux users had grown accustom to; one of
the main reasons to use Linux at all over Microsoft or Apple. I was
clicking where I wasn’t used to clicking, and finding myself using
the search functionality over shortcuts, which added steps and
interrupted the flow of working. To me an operating system should
be invisible; something that gets out of your way so you can do
what you’re supposed to be doing. Unity’s new interface seemed that
way at first, but once the novelty wore off I could felt the time
sink casual usage had become and how it affected my work.”

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