Linux on a stick

“In the real world these GNU/Linux distributions, stripped of
the relative excess that we have come to expect of the modern
desktop, have an even more useful function – as a learning tool for
discovering how your computer works and how the tools at our
disposal can make the computer do what you want it to do.

“There are smaller distros, the mobile and embedded distros that
power the smart phone in your pocket or the engine of your car, but
we are talking here about the tiny Linux distributions you can fire
up on any laptop or PC to write your documents or fix a file
system, browse the web or check your mail.

“Most of us tend towards the latest and greatest, and the
fattest and baddest. We are sucked into the upgrade cycle and the
relative bloat that goes with it, “Two gigabytes of RAM, and is
that really enough?” The nomadic tiny Linux distributions offer a
different kind of experience.”


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