Linux/OpenGL BOF session at Linux World, March 3

As posted to C.O.L.A.

    I'm organizing a BOF (Birds-of-a-Feather) session on Linux and 3D
graphics at Linux World Expo in March. The details:

  Linux/3D BOF
  Wednesday, March 3, 1999
  San Jose Convention Center
  Room A4  5:30-7 PM

    If you have a topic to discuss, please contact me about it in
advance (email to [email protected]). Items already on the

  - Current status of OpenGL, and GLX source code release (Jon Leech,
    Silicon Graphics)
  - Direct rendering architecture status (Frank LaMonica, Precision
  - Darryll Strauss will be giving a conference talk with an overview of
    the various OpenGL and Mesa projects touching Linux at 2:30, and he
    will join us at the BOF to follow up.

    Jon Leech
    OpenGL Group
    Silicon Graphics