Linux Orbit: Video Review: “Learning Linux, Introduction”

[ Thanks to John
for this link. ]

We recently came across an offer for a free video for Linux
training. It is Linux for neophytes called “Learning Linux,
” Great! Yes indeed, this instructional tool was
made available simply for the asking, by the good people at

“We understand that nine-tenths of you will not have a need for
this video, so why review it? Well, we figure that every one of the
LinuxOrbit faithful can think of someone who’s expressed an
interest in Linux but has a need for instruction in the absolute
rudiments. Now you know where to send those folks, instead of the
other place you might want to send them. To get directly to the
video simply follow this link.”

“The video runs about an hour and delivers a fundamental peek
into the world of Linux. To be more precise it is a peek into Red
Hat v.5.2. While that particular distribution is a bit of Old Hat
let me stress that the video content is still useful, and
non-threatening. In fact one of the first instructions offered is
the gird-your-loins declaration, “We are not afraid of this
operating system.”