Linux Professional Institute News for September 6th 2000

Date: Wed, 06 Sep 2000 14:57:30 -0400
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: LPI News – September 6th 2000

Welcome to the another edition of our LPI Newsletter.

If you have any comments, concerns or ideas for the newsletter,
please contact me at: [email protected]

Here are some of the exciting things that happened or are
happening with LPI.

_____________LINUXWORLD BOOTH – SAN JOSE______________________

Our booth at the San Jose, California show (Linux World) was
busy! We had wonderful assistance from volunteers like; Ray
Ferrari, John Scroggins, and Robert Downey. Thanks guys for your
support and time at the booth.

We had a drawing for a VA Linux system, and some books, Tshirts,
fuzzy Elpiks (penguins with graduating cap and LPI shirt) and some
exam vouchers, it was quite exciting and everyone was involved and
having fun, and also learning a bit more about LPI.

Thanks to the sponsors who made this all happen: VA Linux
Systems, Turbolinux, SGI, Motorola, Linux Journal, Linuxcare, IBM,
Enhanced Software Tech. and Caldera.

________________LPI STUFFED

If you are interested in purchasing one of the fuzzy Elpiks
above, from LinuxMall.com – please look at their web site at:
A portion of the proceeds goes to the Linux Professional


We are now able to report that exam 102 is out of beta, with
exam results being sent out within the next few days.

Due to some technical arrangements, anyone taking 102 after this
time will still get their results by snail mail – for the next few
weeks, but we are almost at the point of having live results when
the exam is taken! (More to come on that issue very soon!!!)


On the international front:
LPI Japan, is now official – we have a Japanese affiliate – we look
forward to working with LPI-Japan and would like to thank the many
companies and individuals who helped make this work.
SGI Japan
Neonagy Inc.
Turbolinux Japan
IBM Japan
Linuxcare (Asia Pacific Ops)
Fujitsu – Hitachi – NEC – Keio University – Tokyo Win Support –
Yokogawa engineering,Otuka shokai, 10Art Ni, Kanematso

There are many more affiliations – China and Australia for
example, who are anxious to have a more official arrangement with

To that end we are putting together an international mail list
and are asking for help to establish some guidelines for the
international community. If you are interested, please let us know
so that we can add you to our international list.


IBM is running a conference in Dallas in September (Sept 11th to
– they will be offering exams for IBM courses, and also will be
offering LPI Exams (both 101 and 102) at a discount ($75.00 per
exam). If you are at the show in Dallas, perhaps you would like to
take the opportunity, if you haven’t already, to take our exams –
at the reduced price.


____________________NEW COMMITTEES

Due to the mountain of issues, ideas and discussion that came up
at the advisory council meeting in San Jose last month, it was
thought it would be a good idea to set up various mail lists to
discuss some of these ideas and issues:

1. Job Matrix – for evaluating where LPI certification would be
most valuable – in the work force.

2. Sponsorships – to help look for sponsors, and how we can be
of mutual assistance to each other.

3. Finance – to look at financing and budgets required for level
2 and 3.

4. Web based testing – to look at the possibility of doing
testing on non NT equipment.

If you are interested in any of the above mail lists, please let
me know – we need all the help we can find to ensure LPI remains
viable, and part of the Linux community as a whole.
Contact – [email protected]


Finally, we will have a booth and a presence at the following
upcoming shows:
September 26th to 28th ( http://www.linuxbizexpo.com )
Atlanta, Ga.USA
September 7th to 9th ( http://www.linuxworld-taipei.com.tw
) Taipei

If you have any time to help out or just want to drop by and say
hello, we would be pleased to see you. Let me know if you can give
me some of your time as a volunteer. Thanks!

Thanks for your support!!!!

Wilma Silbermann
[email protected]
905 874 4822
Executive Administrator