Linux Resources: Quark/Corel Distribution Arrangement May Have An Effect On The Linux Community

by Dwight Johnson

On December 21, Corel and
Quark jointly
that Quark would bundle CorelDRAW with QuarkXPress
Suite to address the need for a professional page layout, graphics
suite combo.

Linux Journal in November awarded Quark Express (the one
application it still needs on the Microsoft platform to produce its
magazine) the Most Desired Port in The Linux Journal 1998
Editor’s Choice Awards
(see also the official

Linux Resources (a.k.a. Linux Journal) is hoping that
Quark will notice how well Corel’s
WordPerfect for Linux has been doing and move ahead with a
QuarkXpress port to Linux.

Linux Resources reminds the community that it is still
collecting votes for its Linux port Wish List.

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Resources coverage