Linux to Grow 278% in Embedded/Mobile/Real-Time Apps

“Linux use in ‘next’ embedded, mobile, and real-time projects
will grow 278 percent over that in ‘previous’ projects, suggests a
recent survey by Venture Development Corp. (VDC). Meanwhile,
commercial RTOSes (real-time operating systems) are holding steady,
gaining customers from do-it-yourself OS users, but losing them
just as fast to Linux, the analyst firm reports.

“VDC’s finding, entitled ‘In one door, and out the other,’ is
based on a survey of about 220 users of commercial RTOSes. Some
73.6 percent reported having used a commercial RTOS in their
previous project (see first chart, below). Of the remaining 26.4
percent, 11.4 percent reported previously having worked on a
project involving no formal OS at all, while another 4.5 percent
reported previously having used an in-house-developed, proprietary