Linux Today Site Changes

Linux Today Site Changes

As you likely have noticed by now, LT has had a format tweak
again. The newswire is now found directly below the most recent
highlights from the site. In keeping with tradition, there are user
preferences to allow you to do have it both ways, but I encourage
you strongly to try it this way for a while.

Linux Today has always had featured content in the right hand
column, it’s just been a struggle to highlight content by regular
staff, especially when the news changes so quickly as to pretty
much make everything a blur.

There’s more good news: Linux Today will have regular
columnists, of which I myself (God Forbid!) will be one of them.
John Wolley’s In Context columns, Kevin Reichard’s as-yet-unamed
columns, and a couple of other writers, the names of which you are
likely to recognize (wink wink).

I think I’ll keep you in suspense here, and just let them play
out across the wire, so to speak.

You will also notice that the Linux Security tip of the day is
back, with its own page. We’ve provided a permanent link to the
French edition of Linux Today and that there’s something about
“Forums” on the right.

Forums? What about forums? Well, that’s up to you. Over the past
year or so, the growing needs of users attempting to get questions
answered in the talkbacks of Linux Today have pointed out the need
for a general area where the community can go and ask questions and
get them answered.

Or maybe we’re just trying to have some more fun with what has
become in my opinion, one of the best places to find Linux news on
the net. I’m proud to be here, and I know that change is always met
with difficulty, so I’ll pretty much leave it there too.

A couple of you pointed out that it wasn’t possible to turn off
PHPBuilder headlines in the content section of the right hand
column. It fell through the cracks, so please forgive me. This has
been fixed. It is now possible to turn off Today’s big story, as
well as the security tip of the day. Just about anything, except
replace the center wire with MSNBC headlines (something that will
never happen), albeit, it might make a good plot for a
hacker-horror film.

To turn off the new features (yes, it’s possible) — go to the
preferences page and disable the center highlights, enable the
features in the right hand column, and presto, you have the old
Linux Today back. As usual, I’m trying my best to make you all
happy. I know that’s not possible, but I’ll do my best.


Paul Ferris
Director of Technology
Linux and Open Source Channel at internet.com September, 2000