Linux Tux Badges

Thanks to Chris Engel
for this link.

UK-based badge manufacuturer, ScotGold Products has just launched a
range of badges featuring Tux the Linux penguin and Daemon the BSD
red devil. ScotGold is an established manufacturer of custom
branding badges and stickers. The new range has been a direct
response to enquiries from Linux users worldwide and has been
officially sanctioned. The badges measure 25mm squared and have a
self-adhesive backing. They are intended for sticking onto PC
cases, monitors and keyboards but needless to say have found their
way onto all sorts of other surfaces.

Minimum quantities run to just 1 (yes one) unit and are shipped
from either the UK factory or the US distribution center in
Springfield, VA. There is an on-line payment option for this global
mail order service.

The company was astounded at the infamous ‘slashdot effect’ two
weeks ago when the it’s website took over 5,000 hits a day from
Linux users wanting product information!