Linux Warcry: Beyond XFree86, Searching for the Alternative

“There’s another schism going on in the Linux world. Just in
case you’ve been under a rock in the last few months the XFree86
team has changed their license. There’s an uproar from several of
the largest Linux distributions where they’re refusing include
XFree86 4.4 in their new releases. This is bad news for a few but
also in the middle of this conflict begs the question. What are the

“I’ve done a bit of digging and to my dismay and frustration
there are no viable alternatives yet. Nothing that Joe Linux could
migrate to in a click of his favorite GUI updater or if they
happened to be Xandros or Lindows users it’s not in those
comfortable updaters either. There is hope however in a few
projects that are currently out there and the 3 I hear the most
about I will describe below…

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