Linux Wi-Fi Manager Roundup

“We went on a mission to find, experiment with, and examine
Linux programs to help manage our Wi-Fi connections. We found many
different networking utilities. Most are based around profile-based
configuration, where connection details such as encryption keys are
saved for reccurring connections. Some even support per-network IP
and DNS settings. This is great, for example, if your work network
requires a static IP address, while at home your router using its
DHCP server; IP address information is saved for each network’s
profile. In addition to a simple signal indicator for wireless
networks, some utilities offer details such as signal and noise
level graphs and the displaying of the channels used by the
wireless networks. On our search, here are some of the network
connectivity utilities we came across: NetworkManager, Wicd,
KWiFiManger, WaveSelect, AP Radar, NetChoose, gWireless.

“We’re going to review Network Manager, Wicd, and


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