Linux with badram Saves the Day!

[ Thanks to Gene
for this link. ]

“Have I said lately that I love Linux? No? Okay then,
“I love Linux!” I found yet another reason to promote Linux over
other operating system software this week. Bad RAM chips. Some of
you may now be thinking to yourselves, “What? Is this guy nuts?” I
assure you I am completely sane. I will explain.

“One of my business clients is also a Linux fanatic. I
introduced her to Linux several years ago and she almost instantly
adored Linux. Having that cute “Tuxie”Tux the Linux Mascot helped I
think. She first began using Linux with KDE, then tried and liked
Gnome as well and switched back and forth using either one or the
other for specific tasks. However, she became seriously
disenchanted with KDE when the poor decisions were made to foist an
unfinished KDE 4 upon the unsuspecting public. So I helped her
switch completely to Gnome on her AMD Quad-core based office PC in
2010. She has been a happy camper ever since the switch, until a
recent upgrade from Mandriva 2010.0 to Mandriva 2010.2 seemed to be
going flakey on her system.

“After this upgrade in late December 2010 she started having
problems with Nautilus (Gnome’s default file manager.) running slow
and hanging. Then certain applications such as Firefox began to
crash regularly.”

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