Linuxbierwanderung ready for pre-registration

“In order for the Linuxbierwanderung organization to estimate
the number of potential visitors and their alignment regarding the
activities, you should contribute and fill out the following form
if you are interested in taking part in the event.”

“The cost is $750 per person.
Kids under the age of 12 are free. Hikers are responsible for
getting to and from the trailhead. The cost includes Linux courses,
computer network, photo ID badge, and participation in the event.
There will be a base camp that may or may not move on a day to day
basis. But it will be a location with AC power, lavatories and
waste disposal that everyone can set up tents, sleep and cook food.
In addition to the above mentioned services, this fee will pay for
event administration costs, insurance, and the travel & sign-up
expenses of Linux instructors & the two Electric Lichen L.L.C.
organizers. It will also pay for overhead associated with
equipment, connectivity, and any van rentals that can not be
covered through sponsorship. The cost does not include laptop
computers, travel, nor food.

The LBW financials will be published on the Internet and audited
by a third party accountant.

The dates are Saturday August 7, 1999 through Saturday August
14, 1999.
Saturday is an arrival day and equipment test day.
Sunday is photobadge day.
Monday – Friday are course instruction days.
Wednesday is eclipse day.
Saturday is breakdown.

Note that this form is not mandatory, but only used for
statistical purposes.
Deposits are not yet required.”