Linuxcare: Arne Flones: Climbing Mount Debian

[ Thanks to Linuxcare for this link.

“This week I will talk aboug upgrading a Debian system. The
computer in question is my old Cyrix Pentium-class machine, which
sits in our guest room. I use this machine for quick and dirty
tasks while the rest of the family uses it as their primary

“I first tried Debian after last summer’s LinuxWorld Expo in San
Jose. I had been hearing good things about the distribution for
quite some time. Since I had a computer that needed a Linux
upgrade, I thought Debian might do the trick. It did and I was

“The first Debian advantage is the way that precompiled programs
are distributed and installed. Like Red Hat, Debian uses
prepackaged software bundles. Although Debian’s system is
incompatible with the more popular Red Hat alternative, many
consider Debian’s system to be far superior. The reason? Debian
probably has the best tool for upgrading in the business. There is
very little to do but type in a command or two. Certainly there is
no need for anything that remotely resembles a user interface. The
single program, apt-get, does the trick.