Linuxcare: Book Review: Running Linux, Third Edition

[ Thanks to Matthew Cunningham for this
link. ]

“Running Linux-the promised scope takes away the breath. Surely
a book of this sort must be very tough to write. How broad should
the coverage be? Should it cover PowerPC, Alpha and other non-Intel
ports of Linux? How deep should it go? Should it discuss elisp
programming because that’s how EMACS macros are written?”

“Fortunately, the authors of the Third Edition of this seminal
text get it right. Running Linux provides just the right amount of
information to be useful without getting bogged down in the
details. In fact, Running Linux is a book that novices should
read from cover to cover. Intermediate users should thoroughly
peruse it, reading those chapters that are new to them and skimming
the rest.
Further, Running Linux, Third Edition is not a
reference, nor a shovelware rehash of man pages, HOWTOs, and FAQs.
One glance at the table of contents reveals that considerable
attention went into its topical organization.”

“The introduction is a bit long. It covers the history and
features of Linux and includes comparisons to other operating
systems and discussions on the GPL and other Linux copyrights and
licenses. Intermediate Linux users who have been keeping up on the
trade press hype parade will probably be a bit bored by the list of
features. The introduction may also be a bit of a yawn for users of
other forms of UNIX and even to users of NT.”

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