Linuxcare: Dear Lina: Left To My Own Devices

[ Thanks to Linuxcare for this link.

“Dear Lina: My modem is connected to /dev/ttyS1. In order to
dial out as a non-root user, I changed the permissions on
/dev/ttyS1 to 0666. Every time I reboot, the permissions of
/dev/ttyS1 are rolled back to 0600.
I have to set the
permissions again every time. This is a frustrating problem. How
can I change the permissions of /dev/ttyS1 permanently? I am using
Red Hat Linux.

“I’m sure this is very frustrating for you, dear! I booted up my
old Red Hat Linux box to take a look for you…I found something
that should solve your problem. The devices in /dev are created
with the /dev/MAKEDEV script. Among other things, this script sets
permissions on device nodes. Open /dev/MAKEDEV in your favorite
text editor…”


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