LinuxCult: A First Look at LyX

[ Thanks to abhishek for this link. ]

“Whether you are writing technical documentation, an article,
CV, letter, or thesis, working with LyX, the free, fully-featured
cross-platform document processor, can increase your productivity
immensely. In this introductory tutorial, we’ll see how to get
started with LyX, and explore a few of its big features and

“LyX is a ‘document processor’ that can be used for many of the
same tasks that traditional word processors are used for. But LyX
is based on a WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean), not WYSIWYG
(what you see is what you get), philosophy, that encourages an
author to think about a document’s structure instead of worrying
about its formatting and presentation. With a TeX backend and
document classes, LyX richly beautifies documents beyond the
capabilities of an ordinary word processor. On top of all this, LyX
is incredibly simple to use, with an unclittered GUI and
compatibility with many file formats…”