LinuxDevices.com: A walk on the Embedded side… of LinuxWorld NY

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“LinuxDevices.com founder Rick Lehrbaum takes his customary
“walk on the embedded side” of the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo
held last week in New York City. In this article, Lehrbaum
describes what he observed and gives his impressions of current
trends in Embedded Linux — the next big frontier for Linux.”

After three days of roaming some 100,000 square feet of
exhibition area populated by 200 companies’ exhibits and attended
by perhaps 20,000 “Penguinistas”, I’ve certainly had an eyeful of

“What a place! I ran into Linus Torvalds (“father of Linux”)
twice — once on his way to The Golden Penguin Bowl (“Well, I’m off
to make a fool of myself,” said Linus) and once in Linuxcare’s
booth (with his wife and their new baby). At another point, I found
myself sitting beside Eric Raymond, author of The Cathedral and the
Bazaar and credited with being the chief evangelist for open source
software (“Hi,” I said, “I’d just like to say thank you for your
work on behalf of open source software.”).” Complete

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