LinuxDevices.com: An interview with Wind River chairman Jerry Fiddler

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“LinuxDevices.com founder Rick Lehrbaum recently chatted with
Jerry regarding Wind River’s perspective on Linux and the
open-source software phenomenon.”

“RL: During a recent panel discussion on open-source software at
the Embedded Systems Conference (Chicago, Feb. 29, 2000), I heard
John Fogelin (Wind River VP Technology) say . . .

“‘We see point-of-sale, ATMs, Industrial PC, and Internet
Appliance applications as an opportunity where Linux can replace
DOS and Windows NT. We embrace open source and are evaluating Linux
as an OS option for Wind River customers. We are prototyping
solutions based on Linux, now.'”

“In light of this, would you care to comment on Wind River’s
strategy regarding Linux?”

“Jerry: Linux has shown a lot of “traction” on Intel platforms,
on embedded PC architectures. As you heard from John, we think
Linux could be a good match for some Point-of-Sale, ATM, Industrial
PC, and Internet Appliance type applications.”

“RL: Could you elaborate on your view of the potential
coexistence of VxWorks and Linux within a Wind River OS

“Jerry: In my opinion, it was Microsoft who created Linux, or at
least the opportunity for the Linux phenomenon that we are
witnessing today. Microsoft created an OS that only runs on ONE
platform — the PC architecture. That’s what’s made the current
popularity of Linux possible, because essentially all the efforts
to support Linux been focused on a single hardware configuration.
That single hardware platform would not exist today if Microsoft
had not enabled it via the perimeters of their OS.”

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