LinuxDevices.com: FreePad: Norway’s alternative to Sweden’s Screen Phone

In a few months, Screen Media will begin shipping a sleekly
designed, easy-to-use wireless web-pad device called the
Like Ericsson’s Screen Phone, the FreePad will offer
web browsing and cordless telephone functions.”

“Another important similarity between the two devices is that
both use Embedded Linux as the internal operating system software
platform. However, unlike Ericsson’s device, which relies on the
relatively new Blue Tooth wireless technology to communicate with
its base station, the FreePad takes advantage of the more mature
DECT technology (for European models, at least) which is used by
most European cordless phones.”

“Screen Media’s founder and CEO, Carl Henrik Janson, describes
his company’s vision for the FreePad this way: “Our initial goal
for the FreePad, is for it to become a new type of media channel
for the kitchen or living room, that allows ordinary people to use
the Internet and the services available there. Not only that, but
we want to provide additional services that will enhance its
usefulness, so that we can replace paper-based services, such as
banking, with electronic services. The mission is to provide a
device, together with a suite of Internet and telephone services,
that takes care of the everyday needs of ordinary people — to
check bank balances, play games, read newspapers . . . useful