LinuxDevices.com: Interview with Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann

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“In November, Cygnus Solutions was acquired by Red Hat…Red Hat
president Matthew Szulik described the merger as creating “a
single, worldwide source that lets developers rapidly create Linux
applications for servers and small devices — accelerating the
adoption of open source technologies.” On January 12, 2000, Red Hat
announced that it has appointed Cygnus founder Michael Tiemann,
well known for his strong embedded systems credentials and focus,
to the highly prized post of Red Hat’s Chief Technology
Officer…In this interview, we asked Michael Tiemann about the
implications of the Red Hat / Cygnus merger on the embedded Linux
market, its effect on the Cygnus EL/IX Embedded Linux API
initiative…and his general views on the growth of Linux in
non-desktop embedded applications.

“RL: How has Red Hat’s acquisition of Cygnus impacted the
priorities of projects you were previously working on at

“MT: Actually, the two companies are extremely complimentary,
resulting in it feeling more like a reunification than an
acquisition. One thing that’s noticeable, is a pickup in the pace
of activities. Open source software, by its nature, accelerates the
rate of innovation, so when you combine Red Hat and Cygnus — two
of the leaders in open source software — the pace naturally
increases even more. The point is to out-innovate your competition.
That’s how you win.”

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