LinuxDevices.com: Whitepaper: Leveraging Linux for Embedded Applications

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“From the streets of the Silicon Valley, to Wall Street, and of
course to Sand Hill Road, “Linux” was the catchword of 1999. All
signs point to Linux continuing as both a hot financial and
technological prospect into the new millennium. Putting IPO fever
aside, there are strong technical and business reasons to consider
using Linux for your next embedded development project. There are
measurable engineering advantages, like broad hardware support,
scalability, excellent performance, high reliability, and open

“There are enticing business reasons to employ Linux — no
run-time royalties, free or low-cost available software components,
and freely available source code. And, there are somewhat
intangible reasons to put Linux into your next internet appliance,
control system, or communications switch — engineers like Linux
and want to put Linux experience on their resumes, easing today?s
hiring crunch, and so do marketers, who are eager to package
products with “Linux Inside.”

“This white paper reviews these and other reasons for building
your next embedded application with Linux, and provides a glimpse
of what to expect from embedded Linux in the coming year.”

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