LinuxDevices.com: Whitepaper: Linux + JAVA = LAVA!

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” Again, this is not new. So right now we will think in more
detail about the intelligence implanted into these devices and thus
explain the formula listed as the title. Usually there are four
layers on it: Physical, Operation System, Virtual Machine as well
as Application layer, together pile up as stacks. For Physical
layer, it is of course up to the minds of vendors. Furthermore,
dozens of major manufacturers decided to adopt JAVA technologies to
develop Virtual Machine and Application on the electronic products.
Everything so far is good….”

However, in the Operation System layer, typically named as
Real Time Operation System, there is still some space to talk
about, because there was no suitable choice. Windows CE could have
been a good solution, but it costs money and so far the result is
quite limited.
Unix systems differ from each other and they
are designed for huge architectures, not for the ones of small
size. Manufacturers had no other solution but to design their own
systems, until the eruption of Linux fever. Free, open and widely
prevailing as well as leveraged, these factors let Linux,
especially the embedded Linux, be the perfect candidate for the
structure. So here comes the combination:”

“(Embedded) Linux + (Virtual Machine &
Application) JAVA = LAVA!”

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