LinuxDevices: Why Linux is Becoming the Residential Gateway Platform of Choice

“There are many reasons for the accelerating trend to move
Residential Gateway (RG) products to Linux-based platforms. These
RG products include traditional router/gateway, firewall, and
low-end functions that were handled by a proprietary RTOS, as well
as new devices needing Virtual Private Network (VPN) support,
Voice-Over-‘X’, and other value-add features.

“Built as a networking operating system from the ground-up,
Linux caters to a range of communication products throughout the
embedded sector. An open system compliant with international
standards, Linux is ideally suited for retrofit to existing boxes,
and as a scalable OS platform for the emergent networking products
of tomorrow.

“Until recently, Residential Gateways (RG) and related class of
networking products, were little more than glorified network hubs,
or offshoots of larger network switching products. Today, these
devices have matured to become a critical device for residential
consumers, telecommuters, home office workers, and small- to
medium-size businesses (SMB). As these products continue to evolve,
concurrent efforts to promote broadband access via industry
initiatives such as CableHome, and legislative mandate such as the
‘Broadband Bill’, exacerbate the need for capable, scalable devices
that will fuel the next wave of data and entertainment


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