LinuxFocus March 2000 issue published

Multilingual Linux magazine produced by volunteers and
available for free on the Web.


Linux RT, part III , by Ismael Ripoll and Elisa Acosta In this
article a simple electric circuit is used to process commands from
any infra-red remote control.

The uCsimm kit , by Frédéric Navarro This article
is an introduction to uClinux, Linux for embedded systems.

System Administration

Using Apache ProxyPass to access servers behind a Masquerading
host , by Atif Ghaffar This article shows how a web-server behind a
firewall can be accessed without compromising security.


NEdit, the universal editor of the Unix world , by Georges
Tarbouriech Nedit is a remarkable editor. Unfortunately it is not
included in most Linux distributions and therefore not as well
known as other editors.

UNIX Basics

Booting three different operating systems: RedHat Linux 5.2, SCO
Openserver 5.0.5 and Windows NT 4.0 , by Edgar Hernández
Zúñiga Edgar explains how to make one PC boot these 3
operating systems.

Software Development

Product review: SNiFF+ for Linux , by Guido Socher SNiFF+ is a
general purpose Integrated Development Environment for Linux.