LinuxForum: Buried Treasure: Lnx4win

Thanks to Hoyt Duff
for this link.

“One of the most fun things I do when I get a new Linux
distribution is to go spelunking in the CD to see what gems are
hidden there.”

“I was not disappointed with the newest distribution of Mandrake
6.0 from http:/www.linuxmandrake.com. Mandrake is a distribution
based on RedHat conventions, but this latest incarnation is highly
optimized and comes with a killer implementation of the KDE

“Hidden away, however, is a program called Lnx4win.exe. I’m
certain the Linux purists among us will recoil in revulsion, but
the idea behind Lnx4win is very good. Many current MS- Windows
owners have powerful computers with plenty of hard drive space, but
are understandably confused about the repartitioning involved to
install Linux on an ext2 partition. Next to ppp issues,
partitioning seems to be the source of much frustration from
new-to-Linux users.”