LInuxGazette.net: Laptop Review: Averatec 5400 Series

“I’ve been looking for a laptop lately. Not just any laptop, but
a backup to my main, do-everything desktop-replacement machine (an
Acer 2003WLMi, currently being replaced by Acer with a newer model
due to being a lemon)–which is also a laptop. The larger agenda
here, however, is to also find something to replace the Acer: The
machine itself, though difficult to configure, works fine with
Linux, but the company’s tech support/customer service has been
consistently horrible and arrogant to such a degree that I, with
more than 20 years of experience in the computer business, cannot
recall anything equally appalling. So, in actuality, I’m shopping
for two laptops–and what makes the process quite pleasant is that
there’s very little time pressure involved…”